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About Me

My Background

I grew up in Columbia South Carolina, I'm a wife, mother, blogger, and Life Empowerment Mentor. I'm also a mature graduate from Columbia College receiving my BA. As a sufferer from Mental Illness, I'm looking to empower women. Women who have suffered tremendous lost of who they were after sexual, emotional and mental abuse. I also run a blog Blackgirldown, and Ashes To Beauty Outreach & Mentoring. These platforms are formed to help women engage in recreating themselves in life, and the workforce.

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My Vision

My Vision for you, is to empower, encourage, and magnify your presence in life. I'm passionate and committed to the purpose of helping women to recover and to support their role in society. I understand and recognize the mental well-being of all our women, and I'm dedicated to improving and promoting women in our communities. This is the first big step on the road to recovery and a better you.

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My Mission

I'm a compassionate professional mentor and educator who is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of girls and women in our communities who have suffered the traumas of sexual abuse, emotional abuse and depression. I take a multi-faceted approach using proven techniques and the best practices to provide impactful life skill development programs as well as personalized one-one mentorship. These programs ensure positive social, emotional and cultural growth, empowering each woman/girl to reclaim their life and begin building a more fulfilling future.

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