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My First Ebook

While in a depressive state, I managed to write my first ebook. I needed to explain to those around me that, just because I don't look sick doesn't mean I'm not! Please use this book as a guide to understanding what you or love ones may be experiencing while going through depression.

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Coping With Anxiety Workbook

Anxiety Workbooks are proven to be one of the best resources out there, to help with anxiety. The first step to overcoming anxiety is to out yourself first. Taking care you isn't selfish! 

Enjoy this workbook that's full of colored pages that can be printed off anytime you need them. Being more mindful of your mental health can dramatically impact your anxiety symptoms. 

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Self Improvement and You

Does life have you stuck? Well only you have the power to live up to your highest potential. During my depress state, I had to learn quick ways to get out of my funk and reclaim my life back. With these 7 steps, you will learn what you need to put first, and what you need to leave behind. This will put you on a fast track to feeling just a little better soon. 

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